Savannah Anderson, BSPHSMART Clinical Operations Coordinator

    Savannah will bring her public health and business expertise to maintain and continuously improve the SMART Model’s protocols and outcomes, supporting the SMART Senior Clinical Director through training, professional development, and providing data analysis and compliance functions to the SMART Transformation Teams. She will work closely with the Clinical Care Management Team both during in-person site visits and remotely to provide clinical training and oversight to ensure SMART Clinics’ evolution from Implementation, to Start-Up Operations, to Legacy Operations Phases.

    In this new role within GGC, Savannah will assist the GGC team with the goal of maintaining and informing all existing and up-and-coming SMART Sites of the cultural shift needed to navigate the adaption of traditional primary care policies, procedures, and approaches to SMART’s Active Care to fit the unique setting in which the Model is delivered. Through this work she will help schools meet Whole Child needs and raise patients’/students’ and their families’ levels of health literacy, self-care, and self-advocacy, as well as their capacity to engage in preventive, primary health care strategies to support students’ academic goals and better health as adults.

    Savannah’s professional experience includes behavioral health support working as a service provider for families who have had children removed from the home through Child Protective Services; hospital administrative support for the business office at Robley Rex VA Medical Center in Louisville, Kentucky; and pharmacy experience as a Pharmacy Technician with CVS Pharmacy.

    Savannah graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in public health and a minor in psychology from the University of Louisville. Her senior public health capstone project focused on the HIV epidemic in her home county of Scott County, Indiana: She studied social determinants of health, such as education, income, and previous drug-abuse history, and how they were related to community perceptions surrounding the HIV and opioid epidemics, as well as the needle exchange program. Savannah will complete her MBA this December with the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville.